Touch is an integral part of our health. There have been an increasing amount of studies showing the benefits of touch as well as the negative effects of a lack of touch on our health. In Japanese, healing with hands is called Te Ate literally meaning applying hands or placing hands, which is often said when you are helping treat someone from an injury. In eastern healing traditions touching is the act of charging the Qi, or vital life force energy, to get the life force moving.  Additionally, touch unlocks and cultivates our inherent healing powers and compassion.

We all have healing powers within and the most powerful is through targetted, pressure therapy. Kaneko Shiatsu Anma therapy is an effective combination of kneading and pressure therapy using meridian lines and acupuncture points, which Dr. Kaneko has been specializing in for 50 years.  With our simple educational classes, your healing power will be guided to bring people’s happiness.

While we are in the middle of a pandemic that emphasizes social distancing it is harder to get the benefits of touch. If you have family or friends in your household this is the best time to help promote relaxation, spread compassion and share healing energies with this ancient therapy. Additionally, let’s remember when you give, you receive. Let’s help each other heal through these difficult times.

This is a 15 class series that will be held on the second and fourth Sunday of each month. Kaneko Shiatsu Anma is beneficial for family, friends, and professionals alike. Each class we will cover different parts of the body. At the end, we’ll review and combine all the sequences and treat the body as a whole for healing the fundamental issue, beyond the local symptoms.

Grandmaster Dr. DoAnn Kaneko and Alan Saruwatari, a former graduate of the Shiatsu Massage School of California will be teaching these classes.

Important Safety message:

  • Follow your city’s stay at home orders. We highly recommend that your practicing partner for our classes be someone living in your home
  • If you’re allowed to practice with someone outside your home, please take all the precautions to keep yourself safe, including but not limited to: Covid-19 testing, screening, taking temperature, wearing masks, wearing face shields, working in a well-ventilated room, washing hands thoroughly and using hand sanitizer.
  • Be knowledgeable of your partners health conditions and that practicing shiatsu anma on him/her will not cause any harm
  • If any health conditions, either yours or your partners is questionable regarding the practice of shiatsu anma, please consult your physician for advice
  • Understand that pain can be an indicator that something is wrong. Pay attention and continuously check with your partner that he/she is okay while you are practicing on him/her and that the pressure is not too hard. The concept of “No Pain, No Gain” is not applicable in shiatsu anma.
  • If no one is available to practice on you may use a couch cushion or pillow.

Location: Online through Zoom
Date: Starting January 10 until August 8
10AM-11:30AM Pacific Standard Time *Please arrive 5 minutes early since we will start promptly at 10:00am. 
Individual class- $45 each, Series of 5 classes $40 each ($200), Series of 10 classes $35 each ($350), Series of 15 classes $30 each ($450).
Save $225 if you buy all 15 classes.

See the full 2021 schedule below

To REGISTER go to our Courses page here.

2021 Schedule of the 15 class series 

Class #1 January 10: DoAnn’s Short Form: Head and Neck Treatment / For Headaches, Insomnia, Sinus, T.M.J., Mental and Emotional Issues, etc.

Class #2 January  24: DoAnn’s Long Form: Shoulder, Back and Hip Treatment / For Cardiopulmonary, Digestive, Excretory, and Endocrine Systems, Morning Stiffness, Frozen Shoulders, Back & Hip Aches, etc.

Class #3 February 14: DoAnn’s Long Form: Posterior Lower Extremity Treatment /  For Sciatica, Hamstrings, Calf Tension & Weakness, Poor Circulation, etc.

Class #4 February 28: DoAnn’s Long Form: Foot Treatment / For Foot Fatigue, Pain, Cold Feet, Kidney Ailments, Gynecological, etc.

Class #5 March 14: DoAnn’s Short Form: Anterior Lower Extremities and Feet / For Knee Pain, Groin Injuries, Digestive Ailments, Gynecological Issues, etc.

Class #6  March 28: DoAnn’s Long Form: Ampuku Abdominal Therapy / For the Cardiopulmonary (Lg.1., C.V. 17), Digestive, Excretory, and Endocrine System including the Immune System, etc.

Class #7 April 11: DoAnn’s Short Form: Upper Extremity Treatment / For Cardiopulmonary Issues, Tendonitis, Joint Pain in the Arms and Hands, Neck & Shoulder Issues, etc.

Class #8 April 25: DoAnn’s Long Form: Sitting Neck and Shoulder Treatment / For Neck & Shoulder Tension, Headaches, Limited R.O.M.

Class # 9 May 9: Review: DoAnn’s Long Form: Entire Back Sequence Prone Position 

Class #10 May 23: Review: DoAnn’s Long Form: Entire Lower Extremity Sequence Prone Position

Class#11 June 13: Review: DoAnn’s Long Form: Entire Lower Extremity Sequence Supine Position

Class #12 June 27 Review: DoAnn’s Long Form: Entire Ampuku Abdominal and Upper Extremity Sequence Supine Position

Class #13 July 11: Review: DoAnn’s Long Form: Entire Head, Neck and Shoulder Sequence Sitting Position

Class #14 July 25: Review: DoAnn’s Long Form: Entire Body Sequence – 1

Class #15 August 8: Review: DoAnn’s Long Form: Entire Body Sequence – 2


REFUNDS/TRANSFERS – Refund/transfer requests must be emailed to lisa@kanekohealingarts. If students have only signed up for one class, a request for refund needs to be made 48 hours before the start of the class. If students signed up for more than one class, they shall be given until midnight following the first day of instruction to cancel the rest of the class days registered for and receive a full refund of all tuition paid. Refunds for cancellation after that period and for individual classes are based on a pro-rata calculation.   Material fees are nonrefundable.

Any refund due to the student, if any, will be made within 3 days of the formal cancellation date. Refunds are based on the following formula and on advanced payment in full:

10% Hours of Instruction ….. 90% Refund

25% Hours of Instruction ….. 75% Refund

50% Hours of Instruction ….. 50% Refund

60% Hours of Instruction ….. 40% Refund

75% Hours of Instruction ….. 25% Refund

100% Hours of Instruction ….. No Refund

CANCELLED CLASSES – Makeups will not be offered for classes missed by the student. If classes are cancelled due to pandemic related reason and you are registered, you will be notified and we will reschedule the class. Programs are subject to cancellation if minimum enrollment is not met and based on the pandemic situation.

All class dates, times, locations, and instructors are subject to change without notice.




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