February 7, 2021 @ 10:00 am – February 7, 2022 @ 11:30 am America/Los Angeles Timezone

We are excited to announce monthly orientations focusing on Kaneko Shiatsu Anma! Every first Sunday of the month our orientations will be held by Dr. DoAnn Kaneko and Alan Saruwatari, a former graduate of the Shiatsu Massage School of California.

These monthly orientations will teach Kaneko Shiatsu Anma for you, your family, friends, health professionals, and massage therapists . We will also introduce other modalities such as Dr. Kaneko’s Qigong & Daoyin and Meditation & Breathing. Because of the pandemic and our goal of sharing Kaneko Shiatsu Anma worldwide, we will be offering these orientations as well as classes online through Zoom.

Our series will start teaching pressure points for everyday needs and introduce Kaneko Shiatsu Anma to use in tandem. For example, when treating a headache, pressure points would be introduced according to the type and location of the headache and then a demonstration of how to treat these points would follow. In the case of a tension headache, pressure points G.B.12, 20, 21, G.V. 15, U.B.10, would be introduced, and then a soothing (friction), kneading, pressing with Dantian breathing, and neck stretching and traction would be utilized.

Each class includes some of these self-healing methods at the beginning and end. At the end, we’ll review and combine all the sequences and treat the body as a whole for healing the fundamental issue, beyond the local symptoms.

Come to our FREE monthly orientations the first Sunday of every month and learn about :

  • Pressure Points & Meridian lines
  • Kaneko Shiatsu Anma Therapeutic Form for the Entire Body
  • How to apply KSA to help with
    • Treating aches and pains
    • Boosting the immune system
    • Stress management
    • Anti-aging

Time:  10:00 -11:30 am Pacific Standard Time on Zoom

Contact:    Lisa Kaneko at lisa@kanekohealingarts.com to register and get the Zoom Link

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